Universal Engine

There has always been a need for an electric motor that could be used efficiently in portable solutions and that could operate at any frequency from different sources of energy, or rather at different voltage levels.

The universal motor is designed for commercial frequencies alternating from 0 to 60 Hz and for voltages from 1.5 to 250 V. It holds the rotor in series with the stator coil, the current being routed to the rotor by means of brushes. That when the polarity of the source is changed, the polarity of the field and the direction of the currents in the armature (rotor) are also reversed, with torque remaining in the same direction.

The universal motor MVM5450D-5 is, because of its construction qualities, an engine made up to 3/4 HP power, it can in the void show a high speed, requiring an appropriate gear system so that this does not happen. They can also operate effectively at any frequency, at various voltage levels, and are used in electric shavers, sewing machines, drills, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc.