Three Phase Electric Motors

Approximately in the year 1889, was invented by the Russian electrical engineer Dobrowolsky the first three-phase electric machine, with 80 watts of power and yield of approximately 80%. The device could be considered as an ideal component for use in the industry, because it presents satisfactory performance, effective starting and operation process without noises or vibrations. Thus, since that time, this machine has been evolving and becoming more and more reference in industrial applications. Numerous studies conclude that on average 45% of the electric energy consumed in Brazil mrosupply is by the industrial segment.

Considering that in this sector, the biggest consumer is that of three-phase electric motors, consuming approximately 60% of the total. The choice for three-phase electric motors is due to several factors, among them, they are not polluting, have very low noise level, are extremely economical and have a high efficiency. Public and private companies can have two different types of power, three-phase and single-phase power, nomenclature that enables the classification of motors. In industries the most common power supply found is three-phase, since in industrial environments it is necessary to count on a greater power for the operation of the equipment.