The Traction Motors

The AC motors were designed to operate with high torque at high speed and frequency inverter, high thermal dissipation, winding system, temperature sensors, vacuum impregnation, high starting and overload torque, high insulation rigidity, robust design rotor and are made with projects with certain flexibility, to ensure the needs of each application.

Frequency inversion is what ensures speed and torque control of three-phase induction electric motors, applied in locomotives, vector control with encoder, scalar control, with characteristics of high compression and power density, to obtain precision in the drive and for all speed ranges.     mrosupply

The mutual influence between electric traction motors, inverters, electric panels, generators, result in the solution for the rail segment. AC motors for railway use are manufactured following international standards, with power ranging from 100 to 1,100 HP and voltage from 220 to 4,000V. The electric traction system is not a new project, and since the creation of the electric trams its function was to produce the march of vehicles on rails electrified.