Shaded Pole

The Shared Pole electric motor is a distorted field motor and is made of a squirrel cage rotor and a stator, similar to the universal motor.

Because of their simplicity, robustness and low cost, the distorted field motors are perfect for use for air handling devices, such as fans, hoods, hair dryers, environmental cleaners, clothes dryers, refrigeration units, small Pumps and compressors.

In this type of electric motor there is a polar shoe that contains a groove, and a short copper ring is housed in it, so that it is also known as ring motor or short circuit.

As for its performance, this type of motor has low performance, low starting torque and low power factor and because of this are manufactured only for small powers.

In the distorted field electric motor, the rotor four windings is squirrel cage type, and all its connections are in the stator. Among single-phase induction electric motors it stands out because of its simple, reliable and economical starting process. Not having the need for capacitor or starter switches and its most common form is that of protruding poles.