Motor with Two Capacitors

Single-phase electric motors with two capacitors have the advantage of having starting as in the starting capacitor motor. They also have advantageous performance over the same regime as that of the permanent capacitor motor.

With this it has coupled starting, efficiency and high power factor. It can only be manufactured in powers higher than 2 HP, because of its high cost.

There are two methods for obtaining the high capacitance that is required for the startup and the smaller capacitance, and they are:

– Method 1: We use an electrolytic capacitor in parallel with an oil capacitor, through a closed centrifugal switch. The high capacity electrolytic capacitor, when it reaches approximately 75% of the synchronous speed is turned off, producing the required starting torque. Maintenance is greater because of the capacitor and the centrifugal switch.

– Method 2: Only one high voltage oil capacitor with an autotransformer applies.

This electric motor has the advantages of quiet operation and speed control also having high torque motor power with starting capacitor.