Main Fundamentals of Electronic Matching

It is important to state that the firing angle that each thyristor pair counts is controlled electronically in order to apply a variable voltage to the motor terminals during the acceleration process. At the end of the starting period, normally adjustable on average, between 2 and 30 seconds, the voltage can reach its full value after a subtle acceleration or an upward ramp, as opposed to being exposed to sudden increases or jumps.

Over time, the advancement of electronics could allow the creation and projection of several components, such as the starter to solid state, consisting basically of a set of pairs of thyristors, or combinations of thyristors and diodes, with one at each motor power terminal.

In this way, it is possible to keep the starting current on the line close to the nominal line and with a subtle variation. In addition to the advantage of controlling the voltage or current during the start of the game, the electronic key also has the advantage that it does not contain moving parts or that produce an arc, as in the case of mechanical switches.