Magnetic Field Variations

Any variation resulting from the magnetic flux must come from an electric field. The phenomenon that occurs from this effect is called electromagnetic induction, being basically a mechanism widely used in the operation of important devices, such as electric generators, electric machines of different categories and voltage transformers.                  Gates Rubber 2/B48

In a similar way, the variation that can occur, due to be from an electric field, must end up generating a magnetic field. In the field, as well as in the other theories that involve the concepts of Physics as a whole, the phenomenon related to electromagnetism, basically consists of a unified theory, being developed by the researcher James Maxwell, in order to make possible the relation between electricity and magnetism.

Therefore, this concept is basically based on the electromagnetic field. However, the magnetic field directly causes the movement of different electric charges, that is, it is an effect caused by the electric currents. Due to this relationship, identified between the electric field and the magnetic field, it can be said that there is a single entity that consists of the electromagnetic field. In this way, the magnetic field can result in an electromagnetic force, in the specific case of being related to magnets.