Electrical Machinery Storage

It is worth mentioning that the heating resistances should not remain energized in the moments when the motor is in operation. In the case of machines which are not properly installed at the time of their acquisition, it is advisable to store them in dry places with a relative humidity of up to 60% at an ambient temperature above 5 ° C and below 40 ° C, without any contact with dust, vibrations of any kind, gases and corrosive agents. It is also necessary for the engine to have a temperature considered uniform, to be kept in the normal position and not to rest objects on them.

Therefore, if the motor has a heating resistor, it is important that it is energized whenever the engine is not running. This process also applies at times when the engine is installed, however, without being used for a long period of time. In such cases, varying according to ambient conditions, condensation of water may occur inside the motor, thus causing a drop in insulation resistance. https://www.mrosupply.com/automation/tension-controls/1150383_dfc-90_magpowr/