Electric motor will be protected until the problem is repaired

It has motor circuit breaker that is used in the electric motor with high breaking capacity even when it has a high level of short circuit current. Thus, there are circuit breakers that are not able to detect a short circuit at a certain level whether it is poorly dimensioned or for whatever reason. A short circuit in the mains can cause serious damage to the electrical installation and thus the electrical components are damaged and the result will be an electric motor that presents problems.

The electric motor can be fully protected or have its circuits protected, because when a short circuit starts or a phase fault appears, it locks, it overloads the circuit breaker and thus the power where the electric motor is turned on will be turned off. When switching off, the entire circuit of the electric motor will be protected until the problem is repaired and as soon as this problem is solved, the motor circuit breaker will operate in a normal way and thus protecting the entire electric motor and its electric circuit where the electric motor is connected. https://www.mrosupply.com/lighting/lighting-fixtures/landscape-fixtures/1430886_ll22b_rab-lighting/