Electric Motor Transport – Information

Care must be taken when dismantling the electric motor transport safety device.

In the case of motors equipped with transport safety, the hexagon socket head bolt must be secured and the transport safety must be dismantled. Then, tighten the bearing cover screw, packed in a small bag in the terminal box, to the bearing cap. Depending on the variant of the motor, the small bag contains an elastic washer that has to be attached to the bearing cover bolt before it is bolted.

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After disassembly of the transport safety device, which is inserted in the end of the shaft, it should only be removed after the electric motor is installed and before switching on the motor. Appropriate measures must be taken to prevent micro-movements of the rotor due to the risk of damage by interruption. The transport security device was created just for this: SECURITY. It should not be used for the admission of loads.

In order to avoid problems, prior to transport the motors must be fastened to a base or pallet and the bearings must be locked radially and axially by the fixing of the motors’ shafts.