Electric motor has already been a reality for some time now on bicycles

The electric motor has already been a reality for some time on the road bike. The electric motor was developed with the aim of helping ordinary cyclists, as they need a little help when facing the long climbs.

The electric motor has a cylindrical shape and is 220mm in length and 30.9mm (or 31.6mm) in diameter and installed inside the vertical tube. The electric motor is coupled directly to the axis of the central movement and is a small button on the handlebar that activates the electric motor to assist when it is time to climb or turn it off.

The other model of 200W electric motor is activated and to make the electric motor turn off automatically it is enough to stop pedaling. When it is turned off, the electric motor does not create any resistance during the pedaling and it has two types of battery: one is 60 minutes long and the other has 90 minutes of autonomy. mrosupply coxreels lg lpl 320