Direct Drive Machines and Equipment

On machines and equipment that use the Direct Drive electric motor, the power consumption is low. At the beginning there were few machines that used motors with this technology, now there are electronic washing machines with front doors and spend 40% less than conventional washing machines.

These motors can be applied to sewing machines, numerically driven machines, wind turbines and small and large cars.

This class of motors is in increasing use for applications in robotics, electric traction and machinery in general. Within this category are grouped motors with variable reluctance, DC of permanent magnets, AC of electronically switched permanent magnets that can be directly coupled to the load, requiring no reduction gears, and allowing low rotational speeds.

The direct drive electric motors of permanent magnets consist of the following elements: steel rotor with permanent magnets; Stator coils; Laminated stator incorporating the windings and attached to the outer casing. best price for reelcraft 7850 olp sw57

The carcass may incorporate a cooling circuit and to exploit all the potentialities of these motors, they must be actuated by specific electronic equipment, which interprets the signals from the power device, providing the necessary power, in the necessary way, for the motor to perform the task Desired.