Como confirmar se uma imobiliária é idônea?

Se você deseja aprender tudo sobre se a imobiliária é idônea ou não, saiba que o texto vai te auxiliar em adquirir condominio Swiss park campinas. As partes que tiverem essa capacidade vão perceber que fez sentido de forma positiva para os envolvidos nisso. Dessa forma, é mais do que adequado atentar-se a alguns detalhes e […]

Contextos em que uma imobiliária está apta a atuar

Aqueles que querem montar uma imobiliária precisam antes mesmo de abrir as portas do seu estabelecimento comercial entender os conceitos, os processos e as etapas que dizem respeito a como uma imobiliária é montada, pois só dessa forma é que empresário conquistará o sucesso desejado. Para tomar as decisões certas, o corretor precisa entender de […]

Inquilino e garantias

Observe A maior preocupação das pessoas que disponibilizam um imóvel para locação, é a incerteza do pagamento mensal do aluguel. Por isso mesmo procuram uma imobiliária para assegurar a transação. Por este motivo é firmado um contrato com inúmeras cláusulas que possuem a intenção de evitar que hajam pendências futuras. Na maioria dos casos é […]

Esporte também é bom negócio para imobiliárias

Imobiliárias de avaliação de imóveis urbanos patrocinam atividades como ciclismo e regatas. Além de ajudar a vender a imagem das empresas, investimento motiva corretores no ambiente de trabalho e os move a ter melhor desempenho Além de construir, investir e vender, as empresas dos setores imobiliário de avaliação de imóveis urbanos e da construção civil […]

Imobiliaria Curitiba no bairro ou centro: o que é melhor? Conseguir encontrar uma boa Imobiliaria Curitiba não é simples e o melhor para você é buscar a paciência. Só que entre o bairro e o centro, o mais importante é ter cuidado para escolher algo que venha a ser melhor. Lembre-se sempre que antes de qualquer coisa, é mais do que adequado saber que […]

Saturation in Current Transformers

The current transformers for measuring service have a core made of high permeability magnetic material. This means that they have little excitation current, small losses and low reluctance. They work under conditions of low magnetic induction (about 0.1 tesla). They enter into saturation as soon as the magnetic induction grows to (0.4 to 0.5) tesla. […]

Magnetic Field Variations

Any variation resulting from the magnetic flux must come from an electric field. The phenomenon that occurs from this effect is called electromagnetic induction, being basically a mechanism widely used in the operation of important devices, such as electric generators, electric machines of different categories and voltage transformers.                […]

The Starting Current

It is important to note that in most cases it is essential to remove an electric motor at full voltage to take full advantage of the starting torque. If the full voltage starting of an electric motor causes a voltage drop greater than the maximum permissible, use a starter with reduced voltage, however, taking care […]

Continuous Chain Motors

The electric motor of direct current works according to the principle of magnetic force, when two magnetic fields interact, a force of a magnetic nature manifests itself. By supplying electric current to the coil representing the rotor, its magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field of the permanent magnet – which represents the stator -, […]

Overcurrent Factor

Also called a safety factor, it is the factor by which to multiply the primary nominal current of the CT to obtain the maximum current in its primary circuit up to the limit of its class of accuracy. The standard NBR 6856/92 specifies the overcurrent factor for the protection service at 20 times the nominal […]

The Synchronous Motor

The synchronous electric motor needs to have its speed of rotation constant and similar to the speed of the rotating field, which we will call synchronous speed. The only way to do this is to ensure that the rotor is a fixed polarity electromagnet with constant field so that it does not follow the variations […]

The Traction Motors

The AC motors were designed to operate with high torque at high speed and frequency inverter, high thermal dissipation, winding system, temperature sensors, vacuum impregnation, high starting and overload torque, high insulation rigidity, robust design rotor and are made with projects with certain flexibility, to ensure the needs of each application. Frequency inversion is what […]

Calculating the ideal power

For a quick and simple design of an electric motor, we perform a calculation to know the power that we will need. Then we will see what we have available in the market and what is the commercially available engine to attend us, finally, learn what aspects we should be careful to use the equipment. […]

Electrical Machinery Storage

It is worth mentioning that the heating resistances should not remain energized in the moments when the motor is in operation. In the case of machines which are not properly installed at the time of their acquisition, it is advisable to store them in dry places with a relative humidity of up to 60% at […]

Different starting types

It should be remembered that in the case of industrial use requiring frequent departures, this specification must be strictly determined, provided for in the design of the device and the motor must be suitably adapted so that it is capable of acting in this manner. However, through the regulators of some machines, it may be […]

Electrical Induction Motors

An important specification of the induction motors that needs to be highlighted consists of its nameplate, which presents information of extreme importance as the CV, which is the mechanical power of the electric motor in cv. It refers to the power the motor offers, within its nominal assignments. Already Ip / In consists of the […]

Main Fundamentals of Electronic Matching

It is important to state that the firing angle that each thyristor pair counts is controlled electronically in order to apply a variable voltage to the motor terminals during the acceleration process. At the end of the starting period, normally adjustable on average, between 2 and 30 seconds, the voltage can reach its full value […]

Three Phase Electric Motors

Approximately in the year 1889, was invented by the Russian electrical engineer Dobrowolsky the first three-phase electric machine, with 80 watts of power and yield of approximately 80%. The device could be considered as an ideal component for use in the industry, because it presents satisfactory performance, effective starting and operation process without noises or […]

Key Foundations of the Three Phase System

The three-phase system refers to the most common mode of distribution, generation and transmission of electric power in alternating current. This system is basically based on the use of three balanced sine waves, 120 degrees apart, so that it is feasible to balance the system properly, making it more efficient when compared to three isolated […]

Winding Temperature Rise

Heat from the losses inside an enclosed electric motor is properly dissipated into ambient air through the outer surface of the housing. In closed motors, this dissipation is usually assisted by the fan designed on the motor shaft itself. Favorable dissipation varies according to the efficiency of the ventilation system of the total dissipation area […]

Transformers Bearings

In the case of transformers having two windings, they are referred to as primary and secondary windings. In the case of transformers that contain three windings, the third is tertiary. There are also transformers that rely on only one winding. This means that the primary winding has a connection to the secondary winding, so that […]

Shaded Pole

The Shared Pole electric motor is a distorted field motor and is made of a squirrel cage rotor and a stator, similar to the universal motor. Because of their simplicity, robustness and low cost, the distorted field motors are perfect for use for air handling devices, such as fans, hoods, hair dryers, environmental cleaners, clothes […]

Universal Engine

There has always been a need for an electric motor that could be used efficiently in portable solutions and that could operate at any frequency from different sources of energy, or rather at different voltage levels. The universal motor is designed for commercial frequencies alternating from 0 to 60 Hz and for voltages from 1.5 […]

Motor with Two Capacitors

Single-phase electric motors with two capacitors have the advantage of having starting as in the starting capacitor motor. They also have advantageous performance over the same regime as that of the permanent capacitor motor. With this it has coupled starting, efficiency and high power factor. It can only be manufactured in powers higher than 2 […]

Independent and Compound Excitation Engine

The independent excitation DC motor is the motor in which the field coils are connected independent of the armature. They are also made by several turns of fine conductor, where the gauge will vary according to the power of the motor and will be suitable for the field that one wants to obtain. Thus we […]

Continuous Chain Motors

DC electric motors can be used as both motors and generators. However, the operation as a generator is limited, since the power rectifier sources generate continuous voltage in a controlled way, from the alternating network. The development of alternating current (AC) drive techniques and the economic advantage have favored the replacement of DC motors with […]

Electric Motor Transport – Information

Care must be taken when dismantling the electric motor transport safety device. In the case of motors equipped with transport safety, the hexagon socket head bolt must be secured and the transport safety must be dismantled. Then, tighten the bearing cover screw, packed in a small bag in the terminal box, to the bearing cap. […]

Electric Motors CC – information

Electric motors of direct current (DC) have significant importance in the development of servomechanisms and, for that reason, its study, both with respect to the development of models and the identification of its parameters, deserves considerable attention. Depending on the application, drives in DC motors are usually the ones with the greatest benefits, also in […]

Direct Drive Machines and Equipment

On machines and equipment that use the Direct Drive electric motor, the power consumption is low. At the beginning there were few machines that used motors with this technology, now there are electronic washing machines with front doors and spend 40% less than conventional washing machines. These motors can be applied to sewing machines, numerically […]

Modes of using electric motor

The different options of electric motors available in the market will allow the final consumer to choose the application of it in different segments. It pays to take a look at the amount of resources available on this machine to understand how it has evolved significantly and how it can be very important. The electric […]

Electric motor has a simple command

The electric motor is an equipment that provides that the energy that feeds it will be transformed into movement for the most varied purposes. In the industry, the electric motor has a fundamental role for the productive procedure to walk since it is the electric motor that moves all type of machine and equipment. The […]

Analysis for installation of electric motor

Cooling method and temperature are factors to be analyzed before the installation of the electric motor The electric motor is a device capable of absorbing the electrical energy of the line and after that it can still transform the mechanical energy that is available in the axis of the electric motor. The efficiency of the […]