Analysis for installation of electric motor

Cooling method and temperature are factors to be analyzed before the installation of the electric motor

The electric motor is a device capable of absorbing the electrical energy of the line and after that it can still transform the mechanical energy that is available in the axis of the electric motor. The efficiency of the electric motor is responsible for defining the transformation.

By calling useful power the mechanical power that is provided on the shaft and the power absorbed the electric power that the electric motor pulls off the wall. The efficiency of the electric motor will vary depending on the load and its rotation.

To determine the methods used to prove the efficiency of the electric motor, the criteria of addition of losses and total losses are used.

Two factors also have a direct influence on the determination of the admissible power of the electric motor, which is the coolant temperature and the altitude at which the electric motor will be installed.

The usual conditions for the electric motor skf 22222 ek c3 to be installed are: coolant, with a temperature that does not exceed 40 degrees and the altitude where the electric motor will be installed can not exceed a thousand meters.