Shaded Pole

The Shared Pole electric motor is a distorted field motor and is made of a squirrel cage rotor and a stator, similar to the universal motor. Because of their simplicity, robustness and low cost, the distorted field motors are perfect for use for air handling devices, such as fans, hoods, hair dryers, environmental cleaners, clothes […]

Universal Engine

There has always been a need for an electric motor that could be used efficiently in portable solutions and that could operate at any frequency from different sources of energy, or rather at different voltage levels. The universal motor is designed for commercial frequencies alternating from 0 to 60 Hz and for voltages from 1.5 […]

Motor with Two Capacitors

Single-phase electric motors with two capacitors have the advantage of having starting as in the starting capacitor motor. They also have advantageous performance over the same regime as that of the permanent capacitor motor. With this it has coupled starting, efficiency and high power factor. It can only be manufactured in powers higher than 2 […]