A imobiliária mostra a importância para segurança para apartamentos de alto padrão

Você quer alugar um apartamento para alugar em sorocaba e ainda não sabe pode fazer isso, porém já tem uma ideia e a postagem vai te auxiliar nisso. A imobiliária sabe disso e hoje vai te mostrar um texto que mudará a sua concepção sobre o assunto.

Alguns fatores são negociáveis, como por exemplo: o preço, o tamanho e até mesmo as vagas na garagem. Só que outros como a segurança e também o bairro são pontos que vão merecer atenção por partes de todas as pessoas.

A segurança é uma questão essencial, porque não adianta nada morar em um local e não ter isso. Uma imobiliária de qualidade vai fazer com que as partes consigam atender os seus objetivos com muito mais facilidade.

imobiliarias para apartamento sorocaba aluguel

Para descobrir se o local é seguro ou não é necessário analisar alguns pontos, como por exemplo: os muros e também o sistema de segurança. É primordial que isso seja feito aos poucos, pois será de grande importância a todos.

A imobiliária que atender a sua necessidade deverá te auxiliar em todos esses pontos.

Saturation in Current Transformers

The current transformers for measuring service have a core made of high permeability magnetic material. This means that they have little excitation current, small losses and low reluctance. They work under conditions of low magnetic induction (about 0.1 tesla).

They enter into saturation as soon as the magnetic induction grows to (0.4 to 0.5) tesla. This corresponds to a primary current growth of about four times its nominal value.           gates 7/5VX1500

This is the maximum current that will be reflected in the secondary (4 x I2N) in case of saturation, even if the primary current exceeds that order of magnitude and reaches excessive values. In this case it is not necessary for the measuring devices connected to the secondary circuit to withstand large current currents, such as the instruments connected to the protection circuit.

This feature also prevents the secondary current distorted by the core saturation from reaching the instruments, which could generate measurement errors for billing purposes.

The CT core for protection is made of magnetic material that does not have the same magnetic permeability as the CT for measurement. Its core goes into saturation for very high flux values ​​(high magnetic induction). This corresponds in practical terms to a primary current of about 20 times its nominal value.

Magnetic Field Variations

Any variation resulting from the magnetic flux must come from an electric field. The phenomenon that occurs from this effect is called electromagnetic induction, being basically a mechanism widely used in the operation of important devices, such as electric generators, electric machines of different categories and voltage transformers.                  Gates Rubber 2/B48

In a similar way, the variation that can occur, due to be from an electric field, must end up generating a magnetic field. In the field, as well as in the other theories that involve the concepts of Physics as a whole, the phenomenon related to electromagnetism, basically consists of a unified theory, being developed by the researcher James Maxwell, in order to make possible the relation between electricity and magnetism.

Therefore, this concept is basically based on the electromagnetic field. However, the magnetic field directly causes the movement of different electric charges, that is, it is an effect caused by the electric currents. Due to this relationship, identified between the electric field and the magnetic field, it can be said that there is a single entity that consists of the electromagnetic field. In this way, the magnetic field can result in an electromagnetic force, in the specific case of being related to magnets.



The Starting Current

It is important to note that in most cases it is essential to remove an electric motor at full voltage to take full advantage of the starting torque. If the full voltage starting of an electric motor causes a voltage drop greater than the maximum permissible, use a starter with reduced voltage, however, taking care to analyze if the torque is sufficient to drive the load.

In order for the link between motors and a public electricity grid to be made, some important guidelines for this purpose, which are set up by specific rules, must be followed. Thus, the two methods for reducing the starting voltage are:

– supply current to the normal voltage, forcing the motor to be temporarily connected to the grid, with the winding for a higher voltage, thus using the star-delta starting system;

– to cause current to voltage below normal, through resistors, inductors or autotransformer.

Thus, all the starting systems with reduced voltage have some drawbacks, considering that the starting torque decreases in proportion to the square of the voltage reduction supplied to the motor.


Continuous Chain Motors

The electric motor of direct current works according to the principle of magnetic force, when two magnetic fields interact, a force of a magnetic nature manifests itself.

By supplying electric current to the coil representing the rotor, its magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field of the permanent magnet – which represents the stator -, establishing a torque of forces that sets the loop in motion.

Thanks to the commutator, the current reverses in the winding direction so that it continues to rotate and the speed of the rotation is determined by the number of revolutions of the axis with respect to the time (rpm).                Boston Gear ORC2SPTLP19

The torque produced is proportional to the intensity of the magnetic field and the value of the electric current in the rotor, also known as armature.

In the stator, the following components are located:

– Carcass – It serves as support of the other components and also closes the magnetic circuit, as it provides the return of the magnetic flux;

Field Winding – Generates the magnetomotive force (f.m.m.) required to produce the magnetic flux to generate motion;

– Poles – The grooves are welded in the shell, which receive the field windings;

– Brushes – Consist of two pieces of graphite that stay in contact with the switch, providing the electric current to the armature circuit.

Overcurrent Factor

Also called a safety factor, it is the factor by which to multiply the primary nominal current of the CT to obtain the maximum current in its primary circuit up to the limit of its class of accuracy. The standard NBR 6856/92 specifies the overcurrent factor for the protection service at 20 times the nominal current.

When the load connected to a current transformer is less than the nominal load of this equipment, the overcurrent factor is changed by being inversely proportional to said load. Therefore, the natural protection that the TC offered to the device is impaired.

The magnetizing current is that which circulates in the primary current transformer winding as a result of the magnetizing flux of the core. The magnetization curve of the current transformers supplied by the manufacturers ensures that the voltage induced in the secondary and the corresponding magnetizing current are calculated, among other parameters.             gear 21644

The magnetizing curve of a current transformer for protection service, the voltage obtained at the knee of the curve is that corresponding to a flux density B equal to 1.5 tesla (T), from which the current transformer enters saturation.

The Synchronous Motor

The synchronous electric motor needs to have its speed of rotation constant and similar to the speed of the rotating field, which we will call synchronous speed. The only way to do this is to ensure that the rotor is a fixed polarity electromagnet with constant field so that it does not follow the variations of the stator field. For this, we will use a rotor similar to the rotor of the DC motor.

Therefore, it is necessary to accelerate the rotor up to about 95% of the synchronous speed, and only then apply the direct current that will cause it to rotate the synchronous speed, only with a constant small difference angle, the so-called torque angle. If a higher load is applied than the synchronous motor is capable of triggering and the torque angle is too high, the motor is turned off.

The rotor is winded, rather than caged, and this format shortens if there are induced currents. The rotor is made in this way so that we can inject into it direct current, and magnetize it in order to create an electromagnet of fixed poles. The next step is to make it spin, which by itself does not occur because of the fast rotating spinning speed field.


The Traction Motors

The AC motors were designed to operate with high torque at high speed and frequency inverter, high thermal dissipation, winding system, temperature sensors, vacuum impregnation, high starting and overload torque, high insulation rigidity, robust design rotor and are made with projects with certain flexibility, to ensure the needs of each application.

Frequency inversion is what ensures speed and torque control of three-phase induction electric motors, applied in locomotives, vector control with encoder, scalar control, with characteristics of high compression and power density, to obtain precision in the drive and for all speed ranges.     mrosupply

The mutual influence between electric traction motors, inverters, electric panels, generators, result in the solution for the rail segment. AC motors for railway use are manufactured following international standards, with power ranging from 100 to 1,100 HP and voltage from 220 to 4,000V. The electric traction system is not a new project, and since the creation of the electric trams its function was to produce the march of vehicles on rails electrified.


Calculating the ideal power

For a quick and simple design of an electric motor, we perform a calculation to know the power that we will need. Then we will see what we have available in the market and what is the commercially available engine to attend us, finally, learn what aspects we should be careful to use the equipment. We must not forget to store the motors in places free from vibration, humidity, rapid or intense heat exchanges, rodents and insects. Before installing the motor, rotate the rotor by hand to check the condition of the bearings. If the engine is not used for more than six months, the bearings must be lubricated.

According to item 5.4 described in ABNT Standard NBR 7094, rated power of a motor is the mechanical power available on the shaft, which will follow the same working regime definition. We have two existing work regimes, the continuous and the intermittent, which is the period in which the engine will be working with its specific loads. open w/hose

Real work regimes sometimes do not respect the rule and end up being irregular, so in their analysis, always choose to choose the work regime that requires more mechanical application.

Electrical Machinery Storage

It is worth mentioning that the heating resistances should not remain energized in the moments when the motor is in operation. In the case of machines which are not properly installed at the time of their acquisition, it is advisable to store them in dry places with a relative humidity of up to 60% at an ambient temperature above 5 ° C and below 40 ° C, without any contact with dust, vibrations of any kind, gases and corrosive agents. It is also necessary for the engine to have a temperature considered uniform, to be kept in the normal position and not to rest objects on them.

Therefore, if the motor has a heating resistor, it is important that it is energized whenever the engine is not running. This process also applies at times when the engine is installed, however, without being used for a long period of time. In such cases, varying according to ambient conditions, condensation of water may occur inside the motor, thus causing a drop in insulation resistance. https://www.mrosupply.com/automation/tension-controls/1150383_dfc-90_magpowr/

Different starting types

It should be remembered that in the case of industrial use requiring frequent departures, this specification must be strictly determined, provided for in the design of the device and the motor must be suitably adapted so that it is capable of acting in this manner. However, through the regulators of some machines, it may be necessary to carry out different starts in a relatively short time, making it impossible for the motor to cool properly. The very slow start-up times that can occur when the motor torque is subtly greater than the heavy-duty torque converter should be avoided, as the overcurrent current absorbed at the moment the rated speed is not reached can cause the motor to heat up and cause serious accidents.

In the same way, a counter-current braking, thus, by means of motor lacing tools inversion, generally represents the cost equivalent to three starts. From a broader point of view, in all cases it is essential to ensure that the starting torque is sufficient by choosing a suitable motor, verifying if the power line has specifications necessary to limit the reduction of the starting voltage, keeping the load coupled to the motor under proper operating conditions so that it does not exhibit an abnormal resistant torque.

Electrical Induction Motors

An important specification of the induction motors that needs to be highlighted consists of its nameplate, which presents information of extreme importance as the CV, which is the mechanical power of the electric motor in cv. It refers to the power the motor offers, within its nominal assignments. Already Ip / In consists of the relation between the starting and nominal currents. In order to avoid high starting currents, there are many ways to carry out the electric machine drives that allow a drop in the starting current value of some machines, such as the parallel-series start, the self-aligning start and the star- triangle.

Hz is the frequency of the motor Baldor BC142-SIH operating voltage. The acronym RPM refers directly to the motor speed at the rated operating frequency. Induction motors may vary having three, six, nine or twelve outer terminals. In the case of the six-terminal motor are found two types of connection, the triangle with the nominal winding of the phase winding equal to 220 V and the star with a star-connected winding the line voltage can be up to three times the winding voltage.

Main Fundamentals of Electronic Matching

It is important to state that the firing angle that each thyristor pair counts is controlled electronically in order to apply a variable voltage to the motor terminals during the acceleration process. At the end of the starting period, normally adjustable on average, between 2 and 30 seconds, the voltage can reach its full value after a subtle acceleration or an upward ramp, as opposed to being exposed to sudden increases or jumps.

Over time, the advancement of electronics could allow the creation and projection of several components, such as the starter to solid state, consisting basically of a set of pairs of thyristors, or combinations of thyristors and diodes, with one at each motor power terminal.


In this way, it is possible to keep the starting current on the line close to the nominal line and with a subtle variation. In addition to the advantage of controlling the voltage or current during the start of the game, the electronic key also has the advantage that it does not contain moving parts or that produce an arc, as in the case of mechanical switches.

Three Phase Electric Motors

Approximately in the year 1889, was invented by the Russian electrical engineer Dobrowolsky the first three-phase electric machine, with 80 watts of power and yield of approximately 80%. The device could be considered as an ideal component for use in the industry, because it presents satisfactory performance, effective starting and operation process without noises or vibrations. Thus, since that time, this machine has been evolving and becoming more and more reference in industrial applications. Numerous studies conclude that on average 45% of the electric energy consumed in Brazil mrosupply is by the industrial segment.

Considering that in this sector, the biggest consumer is that of three-phase electric motors, consuming approximately 60% of the total. The choice for three-phase electric motors is due to several factors, among them, they are not polluting, have very low noise level, are extremely economical and have a high efficiency. Public and private companies can have two different types of power, three-phase and single-phase power, nomenclature that enables the classification of motors. In industries the most common power supply found is three-phase, since in industrial environments it is necessary to count on a greater power for the operation of the equipment.

Key Foundations of the Three Phase System

The three-phase system refers to the most common mode of distribution, generation and transmission of electric power in alternating current. This system is basically based on the use of three balanced sine waves, 120 degrees apart, so that it is feasible to balance the system properly, making it more efficient when compared to three isolated systems. The process of transporting electric power from the generating units to the consumer units is basically composed of three subsystems. The system of energy generation, formed by the elements responsible for the conversion of energy from some primary source into electric energy.

The transmission system is constituted by the components responsible for the transportation of the energy obtained by the different generation systems to the distribution systems interconnected by the transmission system. The distribution system is composed of the elements responsible for the adequacy of energy for the use of large, medium and small consumers. Three-phase electric motors are usually more efficient through full use of magnetic circuits. The transmission lines allow the absence of the neutral and the coupling between the phases to reduce the electromagnetic fields. https://www.mrosupply.com/motors/ac-motors/general-purpose-motors/24211_cm3713t_baldor/



Winding Temperature Rise

Heat from the losses inside an enclosed electric motor is properly dissipated into ambient air through the outer surface of the housing. In closed motors, this dissipation is usually assisted by the fan designed on the motor shaft itself. Favorable dissipation varies according to the efficiency of the ventilation system of the total dissipation area of ​​the housing, the temperature difference between the outer surface of the housing and ambient air.

The required power supplied by the motor at the shaft tip is less than the power the motor absorbs from the power line. The difference between the two powers refers to the losses transformed into heat, which heats the winding, needing to be dissipated to the external environment of the engine spherical roller skf, in order to avoid that the temperature rise is excessive. The same thing happens in all other types of engines. In a car engine, for example, the heat generated by internal losses must be removed from the block by the water circulation system with the radiator or even by the fan in the case of air cooled engines.

Transformers Bearings

In the case of transformers having two windings, they are referred to as primary and secondary windings. In the case of transformers that contain three windings, the third is tertiary. There are also transformers that rely on only one winding. This means that the primary winding has a connection to the secondary winding, so that there is no insulation between them, so these transformers are called autotransformers.

It is important to note that the three-phase transformer has 3 internal transformers that can be connected in different ways. Activating the primary triangle windings and the secondary star windings, resulting in a set in which the primary receives three-phase current and in the secondary, three-phase and neutral, considering that the neutral becomes the center of the star.


In this way, simple stresses are obtained, as well as compound stresses. In the case of the distribution of electric energy, it has 400 volts between phases, and three ways can be found, they are, between the phases R and S; S and T; And R and T, and 230 volts between any of the phases and the neutral.


Shaded Pole

The Shared Pole electric motor is a distorted field motor and is made of a squirrel cage rotor and a stator, similar to the universal motor.

Because of their simplicity, robustness and low cost, the distorted field motors are perfect for use for air handling devices, such as fans, hoods, hair dryers, environmental cleaners, clothes dryers, refrigeration units, small Pumps and compressors.

In this type of electric motor there is a polar shoe that contains a groove, and a short copper ring is housed in it, so that it is also known as ring motor or short circuit.

As for its performance, this type of motor has low performance, low starting torque and low power factor and because of this are manufactured only for small powers.

In the distorted field electric motor, the rotor four windings is squirrel cage type, and all its connections are in the stator. Among single-phase induction electric motors it stands out because of its simple, reliable and economical starting process. Not having the need for capacitor or starter switches and its most common form is that of protruding poles.

Universal Engine

There has always been a need for an electric motor that could be used efficiently in portable solutions and that could operate at any frequency from different sources of energy, or rather at different voltage levels.

The universal motor is designed for commercial frequencies alternating from 0 to 60 Hz and for voltages from 1.5 to 250 V. It holds the rotor in series with the stator coil, the current being routed to the rotor by means of brushes. That when the polarity of the source is changed, the polarity of the field and the direction of the currents in the armature (rotor) are also reversed, with torque remaining in the same direction.

The universal motor MVM5450D-5 is, because of its construction qualities, an engine made up to 3/4 HP power, it can in the void show a high speed, requiring an appropriate gear system so that this does not happen. They can also operate effectively at any frequency, at various voltage levels, and are used in electric shavers, sewing machines, drills, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Motor with Two Capacitors

Single-phase electric motors with two capacitors have the advantage of having starting as in the starting capacitor motor. They also have advantageous performance over the same regime as that of the permanent capacitor motor.

With this it has coupled starting, efficiency and high power factor. It can only be manufactured in powers higher than 2 HP, because of its high cost.

There are two methods for obtaining the high capacitance that is required for the startup and the smaller capacitance, and they are:

– Method 1: We use an electrolytic capacitor in parallel with an oil capacitor, through a closed centrifugal switch. The high capacity electrolytic capacitor, when it reaches approximately 75% of the synchronous speed is turned off, producing the required starting torque. Maintenance is greater because of the capacitor and the centrifugal switch.

– Method 2: Only one high voltage oil capacitor with an autotransformer applies.

This electric motor has the advantages of quiet operation and speed control also having high torque motor power with starting capacitor. https://www.mrosupply.com/electrical/transformers/884793_ce050250_acme/

Independent and Compound Excitation Engine

The independent excitation DC motor is the motor in which the field coils are connected independent of the armature. They are also made by several turns of fine conductor, where the gauge will vary according to the power of the motor and will be suitable for the field that one wants to obtain.

Thus we have full control of the speed and torque, which will be constant for any load value and this will be better utilized with the control of both the field voltage and current as well as the armature current.

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The composite DC motor has field coils consisting of two windings attached at the poles where the coils are attached. One of these windings is conductive, relatively thick and is connected in series with the armature and the other is a thin conductor, which is connected in parallel with the armature.

This type of motor has characteristics similar to the motor in series and to the motor in parallel, because its starting is vigorous and its speed is stable in any load. The compound motors may be of the additional or differential type and what determines this difference is the variation of the configuration of the internal connections.

Continuous Chain Motors

DC electric motors can be used as both motors and generators. However, the operation as a generator is limited, since the power rectifier sources generate continuous voltage in a controlled way, from the alternating network.

The development of alternating current (AC) drive techniques and the economic advantage have favored the replacement of DC motors with induction motors, which are driven by frequency inverters.

The DC motor is composed of two magnetic structures, the stator and the rotor Morse 321317 40NP O/L. The stator is composed of a ferromagnetic structure with poles where the coils are wound. The rotor is an electromagnet consisting of an iron core with windings on its surface formed by a switch.

The function of the switch is to invert the current in the rotation phase, so that the developed torque is always in the same direction. Switching consists of changing a switch blade, where the coils are connected in series and during that switching the coil is short circuited by the brushes. This helps to release the stored energy before the current flows in the opposite direction.

Electric Motor Transport – Information

Care must be taken when dismantling the electric motor transport safety device.

In the case of motors equipped with transport safety, the hexagon socket head bolt must be secured and the transport safety must be dismantled. Then, tighten the bearing cover screw, packed in a small bag in the terminal box, to the bearing cap. Depending on the variant of the motor, the small bag contains an elastic washer that has to be attached to the bearing cover bolt before it is bolted.

acme t2535173s

After disassembly of the transport safety device, which is inserted in the end of the shaft, it should only be removed after the electric motor is installed and before switching on the motor. Appropriate measures must be taken to prevent micro-movements of the rotor due to the risk of damage by interruption. The transport security device was created just for this: SECURITY. It should not be used for the admission of loads.

In order to avoid problems, prior to transport the motors must be fastened to a base or pallet and the bearings must be locked radially and axially by the fixing of the motors’ shafts.

Electric Motors CC – information

Electric motors of direct current (DC) have significant importance in the development of servomechanisms and, for that reason, its study, both with respect to the development of models and the identification of its parameters, deserves considerable attention.

Depending on the application, drives in DC motors are usually the ones with the greatest benefits, also in terms of reliability, user-friendly operation and dynamic control. On the other hand, this type of drive has some disadvantages, such as high cost, greater need for maintenance and special measures to carry out the game.

acme T279744S Single Phase

The operating principle of electric motors is based on the forces of electromagnetic origin that results from the interaction of the magnetic fields produced by two types of windings (which are the coils). One winding remains static in the motor stator and the other is the rotating part (rotor) that rotates next to the motor shaft.

DC electric motors have a high cost of production and, in addition, for the distribution of electric energy to occur, it is necessary to have a source of direct current, or rather a device that converts alternating current to continuous.

Direct Drive Machines and Equipment

On machines and equipment that use the Direct Drive electric motor, the power consumption is low. At the beginning there were few machines that used motors with this technology, now there are electronic washing machines with front doors and spend 40% less than conventional washing machines.

These motors can be applied to sewing machines, numerically driven machines, wind turbines and small and large cars.

This class of motors is in increasing use for applications in robotics, electric traction and machinery in general. Within this category are grouped motors with variable reluctance, DC of permanent magnets, AC of electronically switched permanent magnets that can be directly coupled to the load, requiring no reduction gears, and allowing low rotational speeds.

The direct drive electric motors of permanent magnets consist of the following elements: steel rotor with permanent magnets; Stator coils; Laminated stator incorporating the windings and attached to the outer casing. best price for reelcraft 7850 olp sw57

The carcass may incorporate a cooling circuit and to exploit all the potentialities of these motors, they must be actuated by specific electronic equipment, which interprets the signals from the power device, providing the necessary power, in the necessary way, for the motor to perform the task Desired.

Electric motor has already been a reality for some time now on bicycles

The electric motor has already been a reality for some time on the road bike. The electric motor was developed with the aim of helping ordinary cyclists, as they need a little help when facing the long climbs.

The electric motor has a cylindrical shape and is 220mm in length and 30.9mm (or 31.6mm) in diameter and installed inside the vertical tube. The electric motor is coupled directly to the axis of the central movement and is a small button on the handlebar that activates the electric motor to assist when it is time to climb or turn it off.

The other model of 200W electric motor is activated and to make the electric motor turn off automatically it is enough to stop pedaling. When it is turned off, the electric motor does not create any resistance during the pedaling and it has two types of battery: one is 60 minutes long and the other has 90 minutes of autonomy. mrosupply coxreels lg lpl 320

Modes of using electric motor

The different options of electric motors available in the market will allow the final consumer to choose the application of it in different segments. It pays to take a look at the amount of resources available on this machine to understand how it has evolved significantly and how it can be very important.

The electric motor is a machine that had its highlight at the time of the industrial revolution. It was able to perfectly meet the heavy processes that these industries needed. Today the engine is still high and being applied in other segments. The function of this engine is to transform the electric energy into mechanical energy. For this he uses the principle of electromagnetism.

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The ways of using the electric motor vary greatly depending on the model being used. We have a three-phase model that is suitable for more complex applications such as industrial processes, and single-phase models are simpler and more suitable for basic products, such as household appliances.

Electric motor will be protected until the problem is repaired

It has motor circuit breaker that is used in the electric motor with high breaking capacity even when it has a high level of short circuit current. Thus, there are circuit breakers that are not able to detect a short circuit at a certain level whether it is poorly dimensioned or for whatever reason. A short circuit in the mains can cause serious damage to the electrical installation and thus the electrical components are damaged and the result will be an electric motor that presents problems.

The electric motor can be fully protected or have its circuits protected, because when a short circuit starts or a phase fault appears, it locks, it overloads the circuit breaker and thus the power where the electric motor is turned on will be turned off. When switching off, the entire circuit of the electric motor will be protected until the problem is repaired and as soon as this problem is solved, the motor circuit breaker will operate in a normal way and thus protecting the entire electric motor and its electric circuit where the electric motor is connected. https://www.mrosupply.com/lighting/lighting-fixtures/landscape-fixtures/1430886_ll22b_rab-lighting/

Electric motor has a simple command

The electric motor is an equipment that provides that the energy that feeds it will be transformed into movement for the most varied purposes. In the industry, the electric motor has a fundamental role for the productive procedure to walk since it is the electric motor that moves all type of machine and equipment.

The industrial electric motor has all the necessary benefits to make the processes performed by it have even more quality, as the electric motor generates energy and decreases the final cost of the products.

As an excellent attraction of the electric motor appears the simplicity of command, however it is not only in purpose of an equipment that is so used. With a good finish and ease of transport the electric motor becomes easier to install and the layout of the electric motor is also changed. ez sh 3100

Opting for a quality electric motor will make the results obtained by the industry generate more profit and still meet all the needs.

Analysis for installation of electric motor

Cooling method and temperature are factors to be analyzed before the installation of the electric motor

The electric motor is a device capable of absorbing the electrical energy of the line and after that it can still transform the mechanical energy that is available in the axis of the electric motor. The efficiency of the electric motor is responsible for defining the transformation.

By calling useful power the mechanical power that is provided on the shaft and the power absorbed the electric power that the electric motor pulls off the wall. The efficiency of the electric motor will vary depending on the load and its rotation.

To determine the methods used to prove the efficiency of the electric motor, the criteria of addition of losses and total losses are used.

Two factors also have a direct influence on the determination of the admissible power of the electric motor, which is the coolant temperature and the altitude at which the electric motor will be installed.

The usual conditions for the electric motor skf 22222 ek c3 to be installed are: coolant, with a temperature that does not exceed 40 degrees and the altitude where the electric motor will be installed can not exceed a thousand meters.